Grande Soeur Island

The romantic-sounding Sister islands lie across the deep water channel from La Digue, to the right on the horizon as you look towards Praslin.

Whilst access to the only beach of Petite Soeur (West Sister) is difficult at most times except when the sea is at its calmest, Grande Soeur (East Sister) is a favourite getaway for many visitors to Praslin and La Digue.

The island, which is situated 2.5km north of Felicite, has the form of a figure of eight with a spectacular beach at its narrow neck.

Several tracks thread their way through the island leading to spots that afford wonderful panoramic views of the neighbouring islands while the waters off the south beach offer excellent snorkeling.

Full or half-day excursions are organized through the La Digue Tourist Office and individual operators and will typically include a beach barbecue and snorkeling off Ile aux Cocos.

The island is closed on weekends and public holidays.