Cosmoledo Atoll

Cosmoledo Atoll is situated just over 1,000 km from the main island of Mahé, and a mere stone’s throw from the World Heritage Site of Aldabra. Cosmoledo forms part of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles and is one of the last vestiges of conservation in the region.

Cosmoledo Atoll’s pristine and untouched ecosystem boasts vast, wadable sand flats, beautiful islands of different shapes and sizes as well as a wonderful lagoon. With very little human pressure on its environment over the years the encounters you’ll experience are proof of how remote and preserved this magnificent atoll is.

The remote location makes Cosmoledo a place of wild natural splendor. Habitats include sand dunes, expansive flats, mangroves, grassland and a dramatically fluctuating lagoon. This unique combination creates a hotspot of biodiversity. Cosmoledo Atoll consists of various scattered islands and is home to large populations of endemic birds like boobies, terns, and Frigate birds. The lagoon and its sandy beaches are favored by large populations of Hawksbill and Green Turtles for nesting and a host of feisty fish species on the flats.

Cosmoledo Atoll offers a single eco-camp situated on Wizard Island. With its commitment to the conservation, preservation