Aride Island

Aride represents one of the world’s most interesting ecosystems and has become one of the shiniest jewels in the Seychelles ornithological crown.
In 1975 it was declared a Special Reserve under Seychelles law and is administered by The Royal Society for Nature Conservation.

Aride’s most special plant is the unique Wright’s Gardenia. It is believed that at one time this plant was found on other islands but has vanished for unknown reasons. It flowers several times a year and when the flower dies an inedible lemon fruit appears, attracting nesting birds.

There is also one of Seychelles’ most recent plant species, the Peponium, which is a rare variety of cucumber as well as an impressive population of insects.

The waters around Aride contain abundant fish life and over eighty species have been counted on a single dive.
Landing can be tricky during the south-east monsoon so sensitive items such as photographic equipment should be placed in waterproof bags.

The island warden and his staff offer nature walks through the plantation and coastal forest and across the island to the summit of “Gros La Tete”. Walks without a guide are forbidden.

Visitors are also not allowed to collect or take away anything from the island or the beach, nor to damage any plant.