Alphonse Island

Alphonse is a triangular coral atoll sheltered by the crystalline waters of a turquoise lagoon situated south-west of Mahé. Alphonse is the most remote island with a hotel, 400 kilometres southwest of Mahé. Its attractions include some of the best diving in the Indian Ocean, with forests of Gorgonian fan corals, huge schools of pelagic fish and many colourful reef fish.

Once a productive coconut plantation, little remains as a reminder of these days save for a few old buildings and the island’s cemetery near Pointe Huto. Conservation is a high priority and a team of full time scientists and rangers from the Island Conservation Society are employed on rehabilitation and monitoring programmes.

A short stretch of ocean ominously named the Canal de Mort, separates Alphonse from picture perfect Bijoutier and the lagoon of St. Francois, world famous for its fly-fishing, and opportunities. A feature of St. Francois is the number of shipwrecks there, serving as grim reminders of the perils of the sea.